Pre-Operative Instructions

Simple steps for a pleasant periodontal procedure

Have a light breakfast the morning of the surgery, or a light lunch if surgery is scheduled for the afternoon.

Clear liquids are permitted up to 2 hours prior to your appointment. Suggestions include: Pop, jello, popsicles (non-cream) and water. No dairy, pulp containing juices. Try not to over consume fluids, especially coffee or tea.

WOMEN: do not apply make-up or lipstick.

Please wear light comfortable clothing, preferably cotton.

We require that your consent form be signed prior to your periodontal procedure.

If you are currently taking Aspirin daily, Please STOP taking it for 5 days prior to the date of your surgery unless your doctor has advised you otherwise.

MEDICATION: Please follow the instructions provided with your prescription drugs.

You are welcome to bring a CD of choice to listen to during surgery.

It is recommended that you take the rest of the day off from work as well as the following day. We can provide a work letter at your request

Patients having oral or IV sedation

If you are having oral or IV sedation you must not eat solid foods 6 hours prior to your appointment.

Please arrive 15 minutes before surgery. We ask you to take your Triazolam once you arrived at the office.

Those who will be having sedation the day of the surgery, should be accompanied by a responsible adult; this person must take you home since you are not allowed to operate a vehicle or take a bus/taxi alone for the first 24 hours following surgery.

This is for your own safety as well as the safety of others.

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to call the clinic @  613.792.4658