Post-Operative instructions


It is not advisable to perform any strenuous physical activities for a period of 5 days following surgery

Swelling and Pain

Swelling will increase for the first 3 days following surgery. It will subside afterwards. Place a towel wrapped ice pack to the face near the surgical site, alternating 15 minutes on and 15 minutes off. It is not uncommon for the skin to adopt a blue coloration for the first week following surgery. You may feel pain immediately after the local anaesthetic has worn off. Take the prescribed analgesics to alleviate any residual pain.


Take all medications prescribed by Dr. Bouclin as directed. If these medications make you sick, give you redness of the skin or itchiness contact Dr. Bouclin immediately.

Sutures and Periodontal dressing

The periodontal dressing should stay in place for at least 4 days. Small pieces could fall off gradually. Sutures will be removed at the next appointment. If sutures loosen within the first 4 days following surgery contact Dr. Bouclin.


There may be residual bleeding for the first 24-48 hours following surgery. To stop this bleeding, apply direct pressure with a gauze or tea bag for 30-60 minutes. If the bleeding persists, contact Dr. Bouclin.

Tooth brushing and Rinsing

Brush and floss teeth normally except for the surgical areas. Do not rinse for the first 48 hours. Afterwards rinse with the peridex.


You should stick to a soft diet for the first 7 days following surgery. Avoid spicy foods. Try to chew on the opposite side of the surgical site(s). Drink lots of water. Do not use a straw.

Tobacco and Alcohol

Avoid smoking, chewing tobacco and drinking alcohol for the first 5 days following surgery.

Patients that have had a Gingival Graft

For the first 48 hours after your surgery, keep the mouth guard in place at all times. After which, you may remove the mouth guard and only wear while eating. You may also develop a white coloured film over the graft site which is simply the glue that acts as a bandage over the grafted tissue. This glue may also fall off of the site before your post-operative appointment. This is normal. If there is residual bleeding, please contact the office.

Patients having Oral or IV Sedation

Medications are in your system for 24 hours. DO NOT DRIVE, operate machinery or make important decisions for 18-24 hours or as long as you feel drowsy or dizzy. Your memory will be compromised during this recovery time. This is normal and temporary.

You can eat right away. A meal, however, may re-sedate you. You may feel somewhat re-sedated in any case, a few hours later. This is normal. Remember to drink lots of clear fluids. Rest at home, in the accompaniment of a responsible adult. Restart regular medications and take pain prescriptions as directed.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Dr.Bouclin.

Emergency phone number
Dr. Robert Bouclin
613.792.4658 (Business)
613.612.0507 (Cellular phone)
613.761.1054 (Home)